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WhatsApp's Marketing Software
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Whatsapp Marketing Software
Marketing on WhatsApp, selling effortlessly free.
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The software has premium features.
✅ Targeted promotional messages can be sent through the software without any cost.
✅ Buttons can be added
✅ Catalog can be edited and added
✅ You can search and collect numbers by typing any keyword from Google Maps Extractor.
✅ Unlimited messages can be sent, no need to pay extra.
✅ You can campaign in any country of the world
✅ Images, videos, or files can be attached to the text in the message.
✅ Text or multimedia messages can be sent directly without saving the phone number.
✅ Targeted text or multimedia messages can be sent.
✅ All numbers can be collected from any WhatsApp group.
Auto reply and response can be set.
✅ You can generate the number of any country in the world
✅ Antiblock technology will alert you about risky texting.
✅ Texting from blind and safe mode will be available.
✅ The facility of inputting numbers from Excel or text will be available.
✅ There is no character limit for text messages. You can write as much as you want.
✅ Schedule message delivery facility will be available.
✅ Due to the fact that the software is not cracked, you can use the updated software with the same license, which is not possible with the cheap cracked software in the market.

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